Mission: To make each of our products or group travels a true adventure in Italy.


If you love history, archeology, culture and the Italian cuisine we can offer you historical teambuilding, marry you in Roman style or take you on various tours (in preparation) to explore beautiful and hidden archeological sites and historical parts of Italy.


During the tours we have in preparation our expert guides will take you to marvelous archeological sites, villages, and locations for you to explore and during each visit, they will fascinate you with interesting stories and the history of each place. At lunch or dinnertime, they will take you to the best places to taste delicious contemporary Italian cuisine and on some tours or occasions, they will let you taste historical food from Roman or Etruscan times.


Roman Team building:

We transform your group in Romans of 100 AD and have them perform various Team Building activities associated with that era.


Roman Weddings:

We organize Roman weddings on the via Appia Antica according to the ancient Roman ritual confarreatio, complete with costumes for the bride, groom and guests, a (Roman priest) Flamen Dialis, Roman wedding rings, and a Roman banquet.            


Rome, dine-wine and Pompeii tour (in preparation)    

 A full 6day tour which we have carefully thought up to take you, accompanied by one of our archaeologists, to the most beautiful archaeological and interesting locations in an around Rome and to Pompeii. Apart from showing and explaining you these amazing sites we will also take care of the eno-gastronomic aspect during your stay as we will lunch and dine in carefully selected restaurants and trattorias.



Mountains of St. Francis Geology Tour (in preparation) 

During a 10-day Geology, Archaeology and Eno-gastronomic guided tour through Italy based on the book of the famous geologist Walter Alvarez we will find out how he discovered the first clue why the dinosaurs became extinct 60 million years ago.

Robert Schmits

Born in The Hague, Holland Robert is the founder of Italian Adventure tours. He spent 7 years in the Royal Dutch Navy as an engineer and 20 years as a technician and manager in the international oil business, working all over Europe, the Middle East and in Africa.

During one of his assignments in Italy in 1983 he met his wife Anna and after having lived in Pescara and Piacenza they finally settled in Rome. In Rome, Robert started to extensively explore most of the archaeological sites in the city and in Latium. 

As a franchisee Robert opened the company DiningCity Italy in 2006, a web portal for medium high to top level restaurants in Rome and Italy. Apart from a free booking service DiningCity also organised culinary events, the last, “Dining with the Stars” or “Cene Stellate”  in 2014 with the participation of more than 50 Michelin Star restaurants.           

In 2015 he opted for a change in business and lifestyle and started Italian Geographic ltd and Italian Adventure tours together with his business partner Paola Fiamin.

Robert speaks Dutch, English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

Giuseppe (Pino) Pulitani

Giuseppe (Pino) Pulitani, born and raised near Rome in the village of Monte Porzio Catone, is an archaeologist and master craftsman in ancient techniques such as pottery, glass paste jewelry, metal founding, blacksmith, restorer, and teacher.


From the start of his career in 1974, he has devoted himself to the study and experimentation of ancient techniques from prehistory to the Middle Ages.  

His aim is to get as close as possible to the original procedures in a philological sense. Throughout the years he managed to obtain significant results and has shared these experiences and discoveries with other archaeologist, museums and other study groups in Italy.

Pino teaches ancient technology at schools, universities and in museums.

Paola Fiamin

Paola Fiamin was born, raised and lives in Rome and is a graduated Architect. She has participated in several Design and Architectural Planning competitions and also teaches design and architectural software.


In 2015 she teamed up with Robert to create Italian Adventures. Paola is passionate about the arts, travels, trekking, climbing, and nature. She has traveled to and through Africa, Asia, Europe and South America and uses her skills to plan projects for developing countries.


In 2010 Paola and some of her friends established VISIS a no-profit association, committed to developing literacy, self-employment and job training to start up Small Medium Enterprises able to combine manufacturing and employment, and to construct very much needed facilities such as, hospitals, schools etc.


Paola speaks Italian and English 


Anastasia Zourou

Anastasia Zourou was born and raised in Thessaloníki, Greece.  This is also the place where she studied and got her degree in Byzantine Archaeology at the "Aristoteleion" State University. When she obtained an Erasmus scholarship as “Free Mover” she also studied in Italy at the "Tor Vergata University of Rome".

After graduating, she decided not to return to Greece but to stay in Rome and to open her own company as Travel Agent and Tour Operator.


Since 2000 she collaborates with the State Archaeological Service of Latium and Rome as a freelance archaeologist. She collaborated with “EEHAR” the Spanish School of Archaeology in Rome during the excavations in the ancient city of Tusculum in 2012 and 2013 and in 2012 with the University of Bonn during excavations south of Rome in the ancient city of Gabbi.


In her time off she loves to go hiking in the hills around Rome and in the Campi Flegrei near Naples.


At present Anastasia is also an accredited Tourist guide, Tour Leader and Tourist Interpreter.


Anastasia speaks Greek, English and Italian.

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