During 2 days of this unique and unforgettable Roman team building, which is set in the first century AD, your team will live and sleep in a Roman camp in an idyllic location near Rome surrounded by archaeological excavations.


The participants will be dressed by us in authentic Roman clothes, will become true Romans doing team building activities and, as a bonus, will learn interesting things about daily life in Rome around 100 AD.


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After we welcome your group at the airport and make the transfer to our nearby team building location, we will take your group out of the comfortable 21st century to let them land with a swift time travel at 100 AD Rome.


Each participant will receive a personal box with a lock containing accurate handmade copies of Roman clothing and footwear. After a brief introduction, we will help them to dress up as Romans citizens which is a nice and great ice-breaking event.


Once we have turned them into Roman citizens and taken the first pictures, they will perform team building tasks in small groups to prepare camp, create fire, bake Roman bread, cook, make Roman oil lamps, aid with bronze casting and do many other tasks related to civilian life in the Roman empire.   


After the team building we can organize trips for your group to spectacular sites near Rome like Pompei, Hadrian’s villa, take them hiking on forgotten old Roman roads or let them have a luxurious leisure day at the Roman thermal baths. 












Depending on your needs we can add, during the 2-day session, a free Trustworksscan© 


This scan and the subsequent analysis of the scan helps to take the first step to create a culture of how they can continue to learn, work better together and achieve common goals more easily. You will gain insight into the condition to create a culture of mutual trust. Once your team has returned home a Trustwork advisor can help you in developing a plan for your organization on how to create trust or how to restore it.

" Fantastic! where else can you do team building like this? On sacred temple land and in Roman costumes, we made amphora’s, clay oil lamps, ground wheat and made/ baked our own bread, learned how to get a fire started with flint...., these were just some of the things I learned to do.  Robert and Paola taught us quite a bit about Roman history. Did I mention fun?"

Diane Dicosola




"This was an amazing way to take life back to basics and learn new skills together, forget the distractions of the 20th century and appreciate the nature and history around us. I loved it."  Janine Reeves



"This was exactly what our company needed: two days of teambuilding surrounded by nature. Our personnel still talk about the fire making and the homemade bread. This event created new friendships and a surprising new eye on the Roman ancient society. A full immersion in Roman life, great food, workshop, and company! My compliments to the organization!" 

Boudewijn Kaijser

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